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Sasken Aptitude – General
Sasken Sample Test Paper.


Two people were walking in opposite directions.both of them walked 6 miles forward then took right and walked 8 far is each from starting positions?
a) 14 miles and 14 miles
b) 10 miles 10 miles
c) 6 miles 6 miles

a person has certain number of cows and birds.they have 172 eyes and 344 many cows and birds does he have?

A person has 14 red socks and 14 white socks in a drawer.what is the minimum number of socks that he should take to get a correct pair?

when a number is multiplied by 13,it will become greater to 105 by an amt with which it is lesser to105 by now.what is the number

when asked what the time is, a person answered that the amount of time left is 1/5 of the time already completed.what is the time?

when I become as old as my father is now, I will be 5 times the age of my son.and my son will be 8 yrs older than what I am now.father+my old is my son now?

Two peoples on cycles are traveling at 10 miles / hour.when they reach a distance of 50 miles, a housefly lands on the first cyclist and then flies to the other and so on…at a speed of 16 miles/hour.what is the distance covered by fly before cyclist meet?

my successor’s father is my father’s son. and i don’t have any brothers or sons..who is my successor?

The hours remaining in a day is one-fifth of the hours passed in the day. What is the time?

My successor is my uncles only brothers son who is his only kid. (some what like this)

My successor is my uncles only brothers son who is his only kid. (some what like this)

A and B starts from the same point and moves in opposite direction for 8 miles and 6 miles respectively. After that A turns right and moves for another

In a pet shop there are 120 eyes and 172 legs. How many birds and puppies are included in these?

Two cyclists are moving towards each other at 10 miles/hour. They are now 50 miles apart. At this instance a fly starts from one cyclist and move towards other and moves to and fro till the two cyclist meet each other. If the fly is moving at 15 miles/hour, what is the total distance covered by the fly? 50 80 100

Guru’s draw has 14 blue socks and 14 black socks. How many socks must be taken to get a pair of socks of the same color? 14 15 13 16

Computer Science

which of these checks for structural errors of a language
a)lexical analyser
c)intermediate code
d)code optimisation

threads in the same process share the same
a)data section
d) thread id

the depth of a binary tree…
a)nlogn(base 2)
b) n*n

a program computing log(n) accepts 1000 inputs its execution time is 110 ms…when it doubles n to 2000 becomes 120…..and what will be for 4000

algorithm to find the balancing of paranthesis was given and output had to be obtaines…using stacks…easy yaar….

which of the followin is non preemptive
round robin
shortest job first

problem to find the avg waitin time of sjf..given the burst times of each process

which of the follwing may be implemented using a stack
parenthesis matchin
local variables stored in runtime
all the above

which of the foll data structures can be randomly accessed givin loc
1.linked kist implemented using array
2.singly linked list
3.double linked list
4.both single and double linked list

Find output ………….
Int *ptr=&const;

Find output ………..

#define SWAP(x,y) t=x;x=y;y=t;
int x=5,y=6;
if (x>y)
printf(“x=%d y=%d\n”,x,y);
note that the function SWAPis not within braces

sum(int x)
{int t;
if(x<=1) return (1); t=sum(x-3)+sum(x-1); return (t); } if 6 is passed to the function, what is the value returned to the calling function. ANS= 9 [ans:don’t remember the actual _expression.if the _expression is the same the ans was nine] what is int (*ptr)[]()? Main() {int a[]={0,2,4,6,8}; int *ptr; ptr=a; printf(“%d”, *((char *) ptr+4)); } find output 8 2 4 6 ANS= 4 which takes the same memory space regardless of the type of operating system? Char* char int float main() { int I=3; while(I--) {int I=100; I--; Printf(“%d”, I); } } find output. 100 99 98 99 98 97 99 99 99 error ANS= 99 99 99 main() {char ch; for(ch=’0’;ch<=255;ch++) printf(“%c”, ch); } [ans : infinite loop some program using variable b which was not initialized so ans error ******************************************************************************************* Placement paper of SASKEN 7588 Sasken off and on campus recruitment placement drive expereinces,sasken selection procedure,written test pattern,sasken interview technical and hr Hi All, My placement Experince in Sasken.This will benfit from that First, i am very much lucky b'cos , My Interview in Sasken was on 29th February and it was 1 Hour and 40 Minutes I have done PG- Diploma in DSSD from C-DAC ACTS, PUNE in Sep-2011 batch after B.E in Electronics. Sasken Placement Test basically they have asked C, DS, Digital Electronics, Logic Implementation, Puzzle. Sasken recruitment procedure has three rounds First Round Sasken PAC on line test on C programming. It consists three sections Time duration:90 Minutes a)Basic C b)Advanced C c) Expert C Second and Third Round Sasken Technical and HR Interview Some of Interview Questions are: 1. Tell me about your self ? 2. Tell me about your project ? 3. What is difference between enum & union in C (not structure & union) ? 4. What is the specific use of union in C i.e particular application of union ? 5. What are the Universal gates? why? Implement X-OR & OR gate from that ? 6. What is difference between Voice & Audio ? (General Question) 7. What is difference between Hobby & Interest ? (General Question) 8. What is Padding concept in C programming. 9. What is AVL & Binary Tree ? 10. Write program to insert & delete node from Doubly Linked List ? 11. Tell me sorting techniques that u know? Explain two of them ? 12. How much max. switch cases can we give in Switch statement ? 13. Can u give new name to main function ? if yes, how ? 14. What is default value of float in advance compiler ? (Ans- 0.00) 15. if i is static. i++ -i++ +++i ---i = ? in C. 16. Difference between bitwise AND & logical AND ? explain with example. 17. Tell me about storage classes? for loop variable which u'll preffer ? 18. Write just 4 line program & check whether in given string, there are number of opening & closing braces are same or not ? 19. How to see, total memory consumed by our C program ? 20. puzzle: You have 3 boxes, one contain red balls, second contain green balls & third contain mix balls (red + greens). red balls box have red labble on it. green balls box have green labble & mix balls box have r+g labble. Now, all the labbles are made wrong i.e. like red to green, r+g to red, green to r+g. now, u have to just select one ball from any one box & do labbles correct. HOW ? 21. How to Play song from C program ? Third Round HR round Normal HR questions So, guys prepare for such questions ? & be Confident... See you in Sasken ******************************************************************************************************** SASKEN PAPER ON 12th AUGUST AT TIRUPATI Hi friends ,I am Vikramadithya got selected for SASKEN COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGIES on 13th Aug. It’s really a heavenly moment for me. I want to share some experiences with you. Sasken is a recognized company in the IT, Telecommunication industry & is best for ECE students. Eligibility: B-Tech - 70%. , 12th -60%. , 10th -60%. Location: Sree Vidyaniketan Engineering college(SVNE),Tirupati. Number of students appeard: 700+ Sasken Selection Process: There were four rounds, 1.Written test 2.Technical 4.H.R-1 5.H.R-2(Finalising round) Written Test: 65 questions in 75min.(1 1/4 hr)-No Negative marking.Each one carries 1mark. Question paper is different for ECE & CSE.This paper is for ECE students. There were two sets of question papers. For us it started around 9.40 AM & ends by 10.55 AM. There were three sections (No core subjects in written). 1.Verbal ability-15ques:15min 5ques on synonyms.i,e italic word in a sentence must be replaced by a synonym. Two technical passages (abt SQL,Communication) with 10ques were given. Technical passages to check the inference capability abt topic. 2.Logical Resoning-25ques:30min.- R.S.Agarwal is enough. Two puzzles-10ques,Coding&Decoding-5ques,Syllogism-3ques,Arguments-3ques Assumptions-2ques,Conclusions-2ques. 3.C language-25ques:30min.-Pointers in C,Test your C skills by Yashwanth Kanetkar. No basic ques they will go in deep.Here we got 3 to 4 C++ questions also.Pointers,malloc(),calloc(),enum,functions,macros,directives are some of the imp topics. Results are out at 1.30 PM.Out of 700+ students 120 cleared written test. For 40 students who cleared written test they conducted Technical & HR on 12th evening and selected 13 students(they gave spot offer letters), for remaining students on 13th.My number was 114.So my interview was on 13th that too last.I am so lucky that I got time for preparation. My Technical round started at night 9.30.I went inside there was a young HR person. He started asking me from my resume.He asked me about paper presentation (specified), some core subjects like AC,DC,STLD and more abt C,ComputerNetworks.I answered the questions that I perfectly know.If you don’t know the answer tell him sorry sir I don’t know.I told like that for one que.My technical went for 45min here project,paper presentations will help us by this we can divert his mind from core subjects. At 10.30pm there were 25 students remaining for HR.Then they put Group discussion for us to select students as it became late at night.For each batch there were 5 students.My topic was “Is English necessary for succes in life”.It went for 10min. After GD at 11.00pm my first HR started.There were a lady HR.She asked me about Family background,strengths,Hobbies and a situation.It went for 20min.They mainly see your attitude and communication. At 11.25pm my second HR it was just like a catwalk.I went inside again another lady HR. She is very cool.she asked me area of interest to work.Once again family background.After that she offerd me a offer letter. It’s really a heavenly moment for me. It was my third company.I didn’t clear satyam,Infosys.By God’s grace I got this offer. Don’t loose cofidence on you.Pray God definitly you will get succes. “Arise Awake and stop not, till the goal is reached” Similar Categories HCL Mu-Sigma TCS Amazon CTS Start your test Series Now - Revised Question Papers - New Pattern of Test - Realtime ranking among test taker - Unlimited access of complete test series ************************************************************************************************************************************ Sasken Placement Preparation 12902 " Mock tests based on latest pattern followed by company " Fully solved Test with answer and explanation " Test Analytics and customized reports to evaluate performance " Assess selection probability before the Sasken recruitment drive " Mostly asked Sasken Technical / HR interview questions and best answers " Start your preparation now for Sasken Practice Mock Test Sasken Placement Paper 1 Sasken Placement Paper 2 Sasken Placement Paper 3 Latest selection Procedure of Sasken 1.Written test 2.Group discussion 3.Technical interview 4.HR interview 1Written test No of Questions : 90 (45 Reasoning and Verbal ability/45 Technical Questions –C,C++) Time Limit :90 Minutes a)No Quant Questions only Reasoning and Verbal ability The interface of the online application was designed in such a way that u can’t go back to any question (45 mints, 45 questions) Initially questions were on logical puzzles (short passage type) with each puzzle having 3-4 questions They were little time taking but don’t leave any coz there is no negative marking and remember u can’t go back. Some series based questions Some fill in blanks (grammar questions) Some paragraph completion questions Some data sufficiency questions Some error detection questions (grammar) b)Technical Questions Technical questions were asked from microprocessor, networking, digital electronics, basic electronics and few questions were asked from c,c++. 2.Group Discussion GD round was having groups of 12 people and there was not mass elimination they were just checking the communication skills on general topics 3.Technical interview Tech interview (although it was not at all technical) Tell me about yourself About your project Some questions from our resume Some Puzzle Questions 4.HR interview In HR round they asked me the basic questions. so, just prepare some HR questions which are generally asked during the interview. and remember one more thing ,collect some information about sasken(visit the website of sasken you can easily gather some information). About Sasken About your family Some general questions *****************************************************************************************************************************************